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In Home Visits - Cat Care Concept



        As proud founders of in home pet care services in Montreal and area ( est. 2009) we adhere to our core principals based on reliable care, communication and mutual trust. It is a corner stone of our service and absolutely essential to the well being of your cat that only one single dedicated caregiver takes care of her from the first day to the very last. It's important that person responsible for your cat during your absence continuously monitors any day to day changes in her behavior, food intake, elimination and overall health. This key concept is one of the most distinguishing characteristic of our service and paramount to your cats good health, comfort and happiness.

       We provide well recognized individual care for your furr family members. With fifteen years of experience we offer trusted and reliable service. We take care of cats of all ages, kittens or cat seniors. With our sensitive approach we successfully form connections with cats that are otherwise shy or anxious. We ensure that during the time we take care of your cat she has enough affection as well as fun filled exercise.


       During the time we take care of your cat we stay in touch and send you regular reports including pictures or videos of your cat so you never have to worry. You choose how you want to receive your updates- text messages, email, even WhatsApp is available!


       Each visit we clean the litter, give your cat food and fresh water, play with her and brush her.  If weather permits we provide supervised time on the balcony or the garden. We try to keep your cat happy with various stimulating activities such as games or catnip sessions. We strive to keep your cat's routine as similar to what she is used to as possible. We encourage you to give us details about your cat, her habits, description of what she likes, or what she enjoys. 

        As part of our standard service we also pick up your mail and water your plants.  We offer one free emergency vet visit transportation or one free complimentary well visit if your cat feels little bit under the weather to give your the extra peace of mind.

       Cats, as much as they love their owner they also love their home. Pet sitting service "CatCare" gives you the freedom to travel! No longer you have to traumatize your cats with transportation and cages. Cats in our care remain in their most trusted and secure environment- their home.

We offer two different services according to your cat's needs:

REGULAR IN HOME CAT CARE VISIT - maximum 3 cats per household

One 30 minutes visit.  We we clean the litter, refill bowls with fresh food and water, play with your cat and brush her if she wishes.  We clean around the litter box, and regularly thoroughly wash all the cat dishes and the eating area. We even trim your cats nails for free, just ask!

No additional charge for administration of medications, including insulin shot and glucose test if needed as well as nail clipping.

PREMIUM IN HOME CAT CARE VISIT - 4 cats or more per household


Especially suitable for multiple cat family, or cats who each have different needs ( e.g. cats of different age)  and require individual care. With our 45 minutes visit each of your cat will get plenty of individual attention and care.


Included in our plan is free administration of medications, including insulin shot and glucose test if needed and nail clipping.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DAILY VISITS ARE REQUIRED * Requests  for less than one visit per day will be automatically denied

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