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         Pet Sitting Service “CatCare” is a proud founder and a leader of in- home professional pet sitting services in Montreal and area. We are committed to provide superior, personalized care for cats since 2009. We dedicate our services exclusively to cats and cats only with a small exemption for exotic birds, bunnies, hamsters and hedgehogs. Our pet sitting service is offered primarily in the West Island but available in parts of Montreal and Laval.


         In home pet sitting is the perfect choice not only for your cat, but also for the owner as it removes all the hassle of transporting your cat to a pet sitting location. It's a convenient choice if you don't have a car, your mobility is reduced, or you simply have busy schedule.


         We understand it is not easy for you to leave your cat, you can rest assured she will get the best care!

Unlike when boarding your cat at the vet, pet hotel or private home, your cat is going to stay in the comfort and security of your home, in a familiar environment, not closed in a cage and exposed to possible illness or parasites from another animals. Staying at home your cat will not have to deal with dogs, other cats, or noisy people adding up stress on top of being moved away from her home and owner.

Please note that we do not offer any boarding services.

​          Taking care of your cat at her home avoids unnecessary stress and she will be happy with our individually focused personalized service.


          We respect the routines, habits and the personality of your cat and we are committed to keep her happy while you are away. We pay special attention and have a gentle approach to cats who are timid, shy or nervous. We take care of kittens as well as senior cats and are experienced to handle with ease the care of multiple cat households.


          For cats with health issues we administer free of charge any medications, including insulin shot for cats with diabetes.



          We strive to keep your cat happy, comfortable and relaxed during your absence and we want you to enjoy your holidays as well! That is why we offer to send you regular reports regarding your cat's well being, or you can contact us anytime for an update.

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         We offer one free emergency vet visit transportation or one complimentary well visit if your cat feels little bit under the weather to give your the extra peace of mind.

          We provide all the services your cat needs. We give her food, fresh water, brush her, play with her, clean the litter. For cats who enjoy to be outside we offer supervised time on the balcony or in the garden. At no extra cost to you we also take care of watering of your plants, will pick up your mail, move the blinds and/ or adjust the light. 


          Pet sitting service "CatCare" offers reliable, friendly and flexible service with highly competitive rates.  

         To ensure only superior level of care, preserve your privacy, and provide your cat with the best possible and consistent care, only the person you meet during the initial consultation will take care of your cat and will be coming to your home throughout the time we take care for cat. For that reason our availability is limited, we advise you to reserve without a delay.


          Book with confidence!  There are no hidden fees. We do not require deposit and do not charge cancellation fee if your plans change**


        With nearly fifteen years of experience we offer unique expertise and provide trusted, reliable care for your cat.

          With "CatCare" you can finally enjoy your holidays with peace of mind and worry free knowing your cat is well taken care of!    

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