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Who are we? Why "CatCare"?

Pet sitting service "CatCare" is a reputable professional pet sitting service. We are proud founders of in home pet care services in Montreal and area, setting standards and pushing boundaries, striving for better care for your cats. Since it's foundation in 2009 we have committed to provide superior, individually focused care for cats while they stay where they feel the most secure and have the best level of comfort- their own home.

We adhere to our core principals based on reliable care, communication and mutual trust. This key concept is one of the most distinguishing characteristic of our service. We provide our services primarily in the West Island, but we are available in parts of Montreal as well as Laval. Please note that we do not offer any boarding services, only in- home visits.

How long before do I need to reserve or cancel your service?

We recommend you to reserve at least a one month ahead. In the high season - summer holidays, Christmas, New Year, Spring break- we highly advice you to reserve as soon as you have confirmed your travel plans. We accept last minute requests but please remember that spaces are limited.

Do not hesitate to reserve you can always cancel. There is no cancellation fee, however we appreciate you let us know about your cancellation as soon as possible. Should you unexpectedly shorten your trip and arrive earlier than expected no refunds or credits will be made.

Our website is continuously updated to reflect any changes in our availability and vacation schedules. Please check our website regularly to ensure our upcoming availability and avoid any inconvenience or disruption to your travel plans.

***DEADLINE FOR CHRISTMAS RESERVATIONS ( 20.12.-2.1. 2024) IS 1.12.2024. NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 1.12.2024. Applies to all clients.***

How do I reserve your service?

Please fill out our reservation form here.

What happens after I reserve?

Within 24hrs after we receive your reservation we will contact you to schedule an initial meeting. We will also ask you to fill in couple of forms regarding your cat and your emergency contacts. You don't have to send us the forms back right away, but it would be great if you can have them ready for our initial meeting so we can review the information together.


Is there something I need to provide? 

Yes, you need to provide food, tools to clean the litter, brush and toys for your pet. 

In case you run out of food or litter while we take care of your cat we will make sure your cat is taken care of and buy what is missing, but you are still responsible for the cost of the supplies or food.

My cat is not social and is very scared of any strangers, will you still stay with her the full amount of time?

We have a extencive experience working with cats that are fearful and shy around strangers and we are commited to earn their trust. We will stay with your cat for the full amount of time patiently interacting with her to help her feel comfortable and secure. From our experience, cats who are comfortable with their owners often eventually warm up to us as well. We will work at your cat's pace, respecting her boundaries and allowing her to initiate contact. With time and patience we can hopefully build a trusting relationship with your cat.

How do I know my cat is well taken care of?

Yes, we completely understandthat it is not easy to part with your cat that is why we offer to send regular updates (with pictures) regarding your cat. You are always invited to contact us to check on the well being of your cat. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook and find pictures of your cat there.


I want you to visit my cat only every other day or less, she is used to be alone. Is that possible?

It is in the best interest of your cat to be visited at least once a day. Due to ethical reasons we do not accept to visit your cat less frequently than once every day.​


I have a high demand cat, can you stay with her over night, visit her multiple times a day or can I board my cat with you?

Unfortunately we do not offer boarding services or over night stays. We can visit your cat two times a day ( in the West Island only)

What about my privacy?

It is very important for us you know that we respect your privacy 100%. We never enter any other area than we need to in order to take care of your cat and there is no other person than the one you meet during the initial consultation who will come into your home.


Do you employ sub-contractors how many people will come to my home? 

No, no sub-contractors, no students, no part time helpers.  That is the only way to ensure the highest level of standard, to preserve you privacy and provide your cat with the best possible and consistent care. It is absolutely essential to the well being of your cat that only one person takes care of her from the first day to the very last to be able to monitor any day to day changes in her behavior, food intake and elimination.

Only the person you meet during the initial consultation will take care of your cat and will be coming to your home.

My cat has medical issues, will you take care of her?

Yes, we take care of cats with various health issues who's medical condition is stable. We will not sit cats who are acutely ill, infectious or cats with uncontrolled medical conditions. We suggest your cat to be boarded with a vet.

We administer medications according to your instructions, there is no additional fee.

What if my cat gets sick while I am on vacation?

In the unlikely event your cat gets ill while you are away we take your cat to the veterinary clinic of your choice or our preferred clinic. We do not charge any extra fee to accompany your cat to the clinic or to administer medications , however you are still fully responsible for the medical bill, cost of all medications and/or hospitalization.

The well being of your can is our priority. In case your cat feels under the weather we also provide one free complimentary visit on the same day as our regular visit to make sure your cat is alright so you can sleep well at night.

Can I pay you by credit card?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept any credit cards. Payment in full is due on the first day of service.


Is there a charge for key pick up and drop off and consultation?

No, there is not any charge for an initial consultation and the key drop off or pick up if keys are collected during our initial visit. 

Should there be an additional visit to collect keys in addition to our initial visit,  regular visit fee will be applied. Maximum of two pick up or drop of per calendar year.

Is it a problem if I have cameras at my home?

Absolutely not! It's in the best interest of your cat to be checked on as much as possible and  home cameras are a great help! 

We kindly ask you to let us know that there are cameras in the home to protect our staff and their privacy.                                                                                                                        

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